Rodin is the owner of the antique shop, Antique Shop Rodin. It is said to stock the most famous treasures on earth. He collects items that have been purged of ILL.


Rodin is a tall handsome young man who seems to be in his twenties. He has long hair (not clear what color it is though) that is usually held up in a ponytail with a bow. He is always dressed elegantly in a suit.


Under his gentlemenly smile and etiquette is a sarcastic and quite sadistic personality, though he seems to genuinely care about March and the others. He is a ruthless business man who isn't afraid to rip people off.


When Rodin was little his parents and he wrer riding in a carriage that suddenly lost control. It was sent toppling of a cliff. Rodin, after screaming for help, was miraculously saved by an ILL named Heuller. She graped him by the hair just as the carriage was driven over the cliff.

After she saves him Heuller tries to kill him and take his hair that she liked from the beginning, but he kisses her before that happens. Shocked she ask him if he is afraid of her and he answers no saying "you're cute." A little frightened Hueller takes a lock of his hair and proceeds to leave, but Rodin runs in front and begins to touch her wigs that she makes. He thanks her and the two begin to have a friendship the possible blossomed into something more. One day Rodin invites Hueller to visit his home where he is living with his relatives mr and mrs. carton. She is shocked but reluctantly he leaves. Later, Jake appears and seems to be hunting her down.

Later that night Hueller sneaks into Rodin's house and tries looking for his room when she hears something shocking. rodins Relatives were the ones who payed someone to try and kill Rodin and his parents for the family inheritance. Hueller is angered at the though of someone hurting Rodin so she kills the aunt and uncle. Rodin walks in and sees his dead relatives and calls hueller a monster and screams for her to leave. Jake appears and hits Hueller with her weapon, smashing her through the window. Heuller runs off,