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March Story is a manga based in a European setting. It follows March, a young girl who has been possessed by an Ill. "You must NEVER touch something if you don't know what it is" is repeated througout the series by March, a warning regarding the Ill. An Ill Is a being that inhabits any small trinket that attracts human eyes (such as an earring or a muffin), supposedly created by human emotions; when said human makes physical contact with the object, the Ill possesses the body and swallows the heart, making the human a puppet to their whims. Once the Ill kills the human's mind in the body, a contract is signed and they can never be separated. However, there exists one order of being that can defeat the Ill, known as the Ciste Vihad: humans that have overpowered their Ills, heralded only by horns, a by-product of the powers that the Ills give their hosts. They remain clear until the first killing, after which they become stained red.

Athough not all Ill have the intention of killing, most still cause problems for the humans around them, whether conscious of it or not. However, some develop strong bonds between humans, and develop deep emotional attachments to them. In these cases, there is most often a background story involving the human possessed by the Ill and the person they have bonded with.


March: March is the main character of this story. She must pose as a boy to keep men from falling in love with her. If she happens to fall in love, the Ill inside her will awaken and take over her once more. When she was young, March lived in a small village with her sister, Raspberry. The village was terrorized by an evil queen who required sacrifices and weapons to be made for her, lest she slaughter the whole village. March and Raspberry's parents were chosen as a sacrifice earlier. Jake was the one who made her into a Ciste Vihad and put her to work for a man named Rodin. March is haunted by the nightmares of her past as she hunts the Ills.
Jake: Jake is a fortune teller and dispatches the Ciste Vihad.
Owner of the antique shop said to stock the most famous treasures on Earth. Rodin collects items that have been purged by Ill. He is unaware that March is a girl. Despite his handsome appearance he is very sly and devious when it comes to making a sale. When he was a young, he lived with his aunt and uncle after his parents died. He was in a accident that almost killed him but was saved by a girl possessed by an Ill named Hueller.